Choosing the Best Treatment Option for You

choosing treatment options

If your drug or alcohol use is spiraling out of control, you might no longer recognize the person you’ve become. You know you can’t go it alone, and you have to get help before you lose it all to substance abuse. 

Without a doubt, your choice of treatment center is the most critical factor in achieving long-term recovery. But with so many facilities and therapeutic approaches available to get your life back on the right track, how can you determine what is right for you? Here are some factors to help you decide. 


Does a treatment center meet your high standards of care? Check to see whether the facilities that make your shortlist have received accreditation from a credentialing organization like the Joint Commission. This accreditation is more than a mere seal of approval. It proves that a treatment facility can provide effective, evidence-based care.


In addition to daily therapy and relapse prevention education while you are in inpatient treatment, will you have the opportunity to supplement what you have learned with options such as adventure therapy or spiritual retreats? You can become more confident and well-rounded in your recovery when you choose a treatment program that offers amenities such as these. 

Treatment Philosophy

The traditional 12-step approach to recovery has benefited thousands of people seeking long-term healing from the disease of addiction. In 12-step meetings, you will learn techniques that keep you spiritually grounded and give you a sense of fellowship. However, some treatment centers take a more secular approach, which is something to keep in mind as you narrow down your options for where to reinvent your life.

You might also benefit from a single-gender environment for your recovery. Women’s-only addiction recovery eliminates distractions and creates an environment where you feel comfortable being yourself, surrounded by a supportive sisterhood of other women who have struggled with many of the same issues you’ve encountered in your life.  


Having access to a full continuum of care can make a world of difference to people who are trying to maintain their sobriety. There is a direct correlation between the length of time spent in treatment and your ability to live a substance-free life. Long-term treatment for addiction recovery provides you with the tools you need to live a healthy, happy and fulfilling life. 

Insurance Acceptance

Did you know your health insurance can help cover the cost of your stay in rehab? You will want to choose a facility that accepts insurance from multiple providers and can help you verify what your insurer will pay for while you seek the help you need. 

Find Your Recovery Home at Canyon Crossing

Canyon Crossing Recovery is an addiction recovery treatment center in Prescott, AZ, that recognizes the unique needs of women with substance misuse disorders. When you are ready to put your physical, emotional and spiritual well-being first, reach out to us. We are here to help you reinvent your life and begin anew.  

Benefits of Residential AddictionTreatment

You cannot heal in the same environment that made you sick. This is the philosophy behind our residential addiction treatment program. At Canyon Crossing, women learn to live life on life’s terms while staying in a safe, substance-free setting. This gives our clients the space and peace needed for lasting recovery.
Our residential program combines high-accountability sober living arrangements with first-rate clinical care. While staying in our homes, clients participate in process groups, one-on-one counseling sessions, and hands-on learning opportunities. They also receive ongoing training; in these meetings, life skills like financial management and conflict resolution are imparted. All of this happens with 24/7 encouragement, guidance, and supervision from our clinical team.
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