Benefits of Residential AddictionTreatment

Those entrapped by addiction often struggle with consistently abstaining from addictive substances. By the time a woman reaches our Arizona drug and alcohol rehab at Canyon Crossing Recovery, addiction has often exacted a heavy toll on various aspects of her life. Her behaviors, relationships, and health have usually deteriorated dramatically, as addiction’s grip has intensified.
Underlying this deterioration is the profound impact of addiction on the brain. Substances of abuse can significantly alter the brain’s prefrontal cortex, the area responsible for executive functions such as decision-making, impulse control, and emotional regulation. Substance abuse can impair this region’s functioning, often leading to harmful behaviors and diminished control over substance use.



The Shift in Behavior During Addiction

Addiction can lead individuals to behave in ways they never would while sober. Typical behaviors accompanying addiction include lying, manipulation, and stealing. Under the influence of addictive substances, their moral compasses often veer off course, and they adopt negative behaviors as a survival mechanism.
The good news is that the human brain exhibits remarkable neuroplasticity, an inherent ability to rewire and change both behavioral and neural pathways. This capacity for change offers hope and forms the foundation of our treatment approach.

Transformation Through Recovery

The recovery process, undertaken earnestly, can result in profound personal transformation. As women redirect their moral compasses, they begin living with renewed integrity. The script of their lives is rewritten, and as the addiction is addressed, the adverse effects it had on other aspects of their lives also begin to recede.

Reversing the Impact of Addiction

In tandem with addressing addiction, we focus on rectifying behaviors. This dual approach is crucial to recovery. It’s not merely about dealing with the addiction issue but equipping the client with the necessary tools and behaviors to lead a fulfilling and joyful life.
Through our scientifically-grounded approach that leverages the brain’s neuroplasticity, we promise our clients a genuine chance at lasting recovery. We offer a pathway out of addiction, a journey towards self-discovery, and a reclamation of integrity, leading to an enriching life filled with hope and purpose.
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