Transformation at Our Women's Residential Treatment Center

The journey to recovery often requires a complete shift in environment, leaving behind the surroundings that fueled addiction and stepping into a safe, nurturing space. At Canyon Crossing, we believe in creating that space, where women can focus on recovery and learn to navigate life soberly. Our residential treatment center is designed to provide an immersive, healing environment that fosters sustainable recovery.



Dedicated to ComprehensiveCare and Learning

Canyon Crossing’s women’s inpatient rehab seamlessly merges high-accountability sober living with premier clinical care. As residents in our tranquil homes, clients engage in group therapies, individual counseling, and experiential learning opportunities, while receiving round-the-clock support and guidance from our compassionate team.
Our program fosters self-growth and life skills development, with training sessions on crucial competencies like financial management and conflict resolution. This comprehensive approach, enveloped in an environment of constant encouragement and supervision, ensures our clients are prepared for life beyond rehab.

Rediscovering Joy and Balance inPrescott, AZ

Our residential treatment center in Prescott, Arizona, offers more than a structured recovery program; it invites women to rediscover joy and balance in the midst of picturesque landscapes and an abundance of outdoor adventures. With an array of benefits including:

Canyon Crossing is a Top Choice forWomen's Inpatient Rehab

Canyon Crossing is more than a rehab; it’s a sanctuary for women battling substance use disorders. We intertwine holistic wellness practices with proven therapies, creating a balanced approach to recovery. Our program incorporates adventure and trauma-focused treatment, along with comprehensive mental health care to break the cycle of addiction definitively.
Don’t let addiction control your life. Let us guide you towards a new beginning. Contact our dedicated team for a confidential assessment and tailored treatment plan at our women’s residential rehab. Reclaim your life with Canyon Crossing.
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