Equine therapy at Canyon Crossing provides a unique and effective approach to addiction and co-occurring disorder treatment. Limited to six women at a time, our equine program spans over six weeks where clients are given the responsibility of caring for the horses – feeding, grooming, exercising, and ensuring their well-being. This routine fosters meaningful bonds between the caregiver and horse, facilitating feelings of trust, responsibility, and empowerment.
Experiencing time with horses can elicit a range of emotions in our clients. While some find the experience an exhilarating fulfillment of a lifelong dream, others may face feelings of fear and inadequacy in managing these majestic animals. Regardless, these responses offer valuable insights into hidden emotions that can be further explored in therapy.



Learning Boundaries Through Equine Therapy

Our Equine Program is particularly instrumental in teaching clients to establish and respect personal boundaries, a skill vital for recovery. Since clients’ old relationships and self-perceptions often contribute to their addiction, it’s critical to reconstruct these aspects from a healthier, more empowered perspective. Interacting with the horses teaches participants to maintain their personal space while acknowledging the space of others.
As our clients learn to approach horses by asking permission and respecting the animal’s space, they develop a profound understanding of the concept of boundaries. This learning is further solidified when dealing with “pushy” horses that test human boundaries, teaching the caregivers to assertively yet gently enforce their personal space.

Healthier Boundaries and Relationships

These equine experiences help mold healthier patterns and refine skills for building stronger and more enduring human relationships, which are paramount for women in recovery from addiction and dependency. To learn more about Canyon Crossing’s women’s addiction treatment or to enroll in our experiential therapy programs, please contact our team via phone or secure online inquiry. We look forward to welcoming you to our serene facility in Prescott, AZ.

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