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Non ResidentialAddiction Treatment

Nestled in the picturesque landscape of Prescott, Arizona, Canyon Crossing Recovery’s outpatient program is dedicated to supporting women on their journey to enduring recovery. In our environment structure and support are paramount, enabling women to flourish as they participate in our non residential programming, including outpatient and intensive outpatient programs. Our Outpatient Program is offered to women who already reside in the Prescott area as well as to women from across the US seeking long term rehab programming.



Comprehensive Services in OurWomen's IOP

We’re distinguished by our women-only integrated approach, weaving compassion, premium clinical care, and a familial atmosphere into our programs.
We address the multifaceted nature of addiction through treating substance use disorder along with underlying conditions. Among our offerings, the program includes personalized trauma counseling, treatment for co-occurring disorders such as anxiety and depression, and process groups focused on family systems, relapse prevention, anger management, and relationships.
We also provide an adventure therapy component and a holistic equine program, both of which extend therapeutic benefits beyond traditional counseling. To meet our clients’ therapeutic needs, we arrange a structured regimen consisting of individual therapy sessions, group processing, and family and couples counseling. Specialized educational or process groups center on trauma, relationships, and relapse, reinforcing our comprehensive approach.
Through these varied services, we have assisted women in successfully addressing a spectrum of issues impacting their professional, personal, and social lives.

Why Choose Our Outpatient Rehab in Prescott

A distinguishing factor of our outpatient rehab is the personal experience many of our staff members bring to the table. Having personally navigated the path of recovery, they possess an empathetic understanding and ability to share their strength, hope, and clinical expertise with the women in our program.
Our skilled, experienced counselors have a track record of helping clients create more fulfilling lives. They utilize a combination of therapeutic techniques to help women identify and overcome limiting beliefs and outdated coping mechanisms that may be hindering their recovery.
Our intensive outpatient program is designed as a continuum of care, with a concentrated focus on long-term recovery planning for women. This approach is particularly effective as a post-intensive treatment strategy, further bolstering the supportive framework necessary for lifelong recovery.
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