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Addiction & the Spirit

Addiction strikes a blow that goes beyond physical and mental health, it also deeply wounds the spirit. Recognizing the crucial role of holistic healing in addiction recovery, Canyon Crossing Recovery has crafted spiritual retreats, allowing women to pause, rejuvenate, and engage in profound introspection.

Spirituality, for some, is a daily communion with a higher power. For others, it’s a meditative practice of centering oneself, seeking inward satisfaction, and fulfilling the profound requirements of the soul independent of substance dependency. Our spiritual retreats, resonating with the ethos of our 12-step program, enable women to weave spirituality into the fabric of their daily lives, fostering enduring sobriety.

Spirituality is already within you; let's harness it for


Retreats & 12 stepRecovery

Our spiritual retreats, influenced by the 12-step approach, cater to diverse phases of recovery, addressing shared challenges women encounter as they strive for equilibrium in their journey to sobriety. These retreats offer an opportunity to:someone you love fight for our country, you have doubtless experienced events that have taken a toll on your physical and mental health. Often, these stressors can lead to a pattern of problematic substance use.

Reconstructing Your life &spirt

our team of addiction specialists is dedicated to helping women aged 18 to 65 reconstruct their lives and heal from the wreckage caused by substance dependency. We inspire women to walk with their heads held high, exuding confidence, integrity, and grace, while advocating spiritual fitness as a vital part of emotional and physical wellness. To connect with a member of our team, request information about retreats, or initiate the admissions process at our Prescott, AZ addiction recovery facility, call us at 800-651-7254 today.

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