Addiction Treatment for Military


Unique Needs of Military Dependents

As a young woman with parents or a spouse in the military, you face specific challenges in getting help for your drug or alcohol addiction. You need someone who understands what you are going through, both in terms of being part of a military family as well as the struggles you may experience as you work toward recovery from your addiction. Canyon Crossing understands your situation and is here to help you.
Hardships associated with military service may put you at an elevated risk for substance use or mental health issues. As part of a military family, you have had to adjust to extended periods of separation from your military family member, face the uncertainty of when the next separation may occur and how long it will last, and cope with the risk of serious injury to or death of your spouse or parent serving in the military. Civilians do not necessarily experience anything close to these challenges.

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Canyon Crossing is proud to accept TRICARE insurance for addiction treatment. It is our belief that addiction services should be made affordable and accessible for veterans and their family members. Whether you have served yourself or have seen someone you love fight for our country, you have doubtless experienced events that have taken a toll on your physical and mental health. Often, these stressors can lead to a pattern of problematic substance use.
By offering the highest quality of care in the form of individualized treatment plans, we have established ongoing relationships with TRICARE and other insurers. We work directly with TRICARE East and TRICARE West, in addition to a number of other insurance plans, to ensure that military dependents are able to access evidence-based addiction treatment.

What Does TRICARE Cover?

TRICARE coverage varies based on your individual plan. It may include…

Recovering with Other MilitaryDependents

Having the support of others with similar family circumstances has been proven to be beneficial in addiction treatment. When you have the support and encouragement of your peers, you are more likely to be successful in your recovery. Peer support has been proven to:


Most people associate post-traumatic stress disorders (PTSD) with active duty military members. As a military dependent, you may also experience PTSD, which is an anxiety disorder that is triggered by a terrifying event, either experiencing it or witnessing it. Our TRICARE rehab offers therapeutic techniques designed to help you with your trauma treatment, including substance use disorders that may occur as a result of your reactions to such trauma.

TRICARE Addiction Treatment in Prescott,Arizona

Canyon Crossing focuses on the unique needs of women struggling with drug and alcohol addiction. Our gender-specific program gives clients the chance to build a supportive network of female friends while exploring the root causes of their addiction. As a military dependent, you have the opportunity to be supported and encouraged by your peers, other young women with parents or spouses who are active duty military members. To learn more about our women’s-only recovery program, or to learn how much of your treatment is covered by TRICARE, please contact us today at 800-651-7254.

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