Specialized Offerings

Our specialized offerings set us apart in the realm of women’s recovery. Our unique blend of evidence-based therapies, nature-based healing, and tailored programs underscore why we are more than just a treatment center – we’re a  place of transformation.

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Evidence Based Treatment

The therapies we use are not only clinically supported, but also demonstrate positive outcomes in countless real-life scenarios. By integrating these techniques into our comprehensive programs, our women leave with tools needed to successfully navigate the responsibilities and realities of day to day life.

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12 Step Immersion

We provide a solid framework for our clients' journeys to sobriety. through 12 step meetings, fellowship and study. Our long term offerings allow women to get immersed in the 12 steps and recovery community in Prescott. They leave our care with a solid foundation, supportive contacts and ways to stay plugged in to the 12 step community.

spiritual retreats women

Spiritual Retreats

Our spiritual retreats offer a serene and nurturing opportunities for women to reconnect with their inner selves and explore their spiritual beliefs. These retreats are designed to complement the therapeutic process, promoting peace, insight, and personal growth all among the backdrop of Prescott's natural beauty.

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Relapse Prevention

Women in our care learn to pinpoint and recognize potential triggers, develop effective coping strategies. This program lays the groundwork for an abstinent future by allowing women the time and space to get through and process triggers in real time and role play scenarios on how to react to situations that could undermine their wellbeing.

soldier coming home

Treatment for Military Families

We support our military community by accepting Tricare insurance for treatment. Our programs meet the unique challenges faced by military families, spouses and children. By offering targeted, compassionate care, we help these brave women find the strength and resilience needed for long-term recovery.

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