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AboutCanyon Crossing

At the heart of the breathtaking terrain of Arizona, Canyon Crossing Recovery stands as a premier addiction treatment center designed exclusively for women. Recovery is a deeply personal journey often shaped by trauma and the unique experiences each individual faces. This understanding drives our approach to healing, which includes comprehensive trauma-informed therapy, a strong emphasis on community and relationship building, and a range of tailored therapeutic interventions. As a center dedicated to women’s recovery, we provide an environment where women cultivate resilience, regain control, and rewrite their life stories. At the end of their journey, women depart Canyon Crossing equipped with the skills, confidence, and steadfast support network necessary for a lifetime of sobriety and wellness.

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Designed to meet the unique needs of women, our programs collectively foster personal growth, healing from trauma, and a resilient, proven framework for maintaining abstinence from drugs and alcohol.


Immersed in evidence-based therapy while building strong bonds in shared residences, women leave with a robust plan for long-term sobriety.


Our outpatient programs promote real-world application of recovery tools. Women establish a firm footing in sobriety while navigating the challenges of daily life.

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Women have the opportunity to thoroughly address underlying issues, build healthier habits, and master essential life skills.


A collaborative healing process equipping both the client and her loved ones with supportive strategies for sustained recovery.

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