Navigating the path of early recovery can be challenging. The potential for relapse often peaks within the first 90 days of rehab, making this initial period a critical juncture. But sobriety is a lifelong commitment, demanding continuous effort and vigilance. At Canyon Crossing Recovery, we’re devoted to helping our clients build robust foundations for lasting recovery. Our approach revolves around the utilization of practical relapse prevention techniques and the development of personalized aftercare plans.

Addiction Triggers and Relapse Prevention Education

Addiction triggers differ among individuals and can range from the apparent, such as stress or social environments, to the more concealed emotional triggers like loneliness, depression, or anger. For some clients grappling with dual diagnoses, mental health conditions can trigger the impulse to resort to alcohol or drug use. Given this complex landscape, our skilled recovery team at Canyon Crossing dives deep into individual and group therapy sessions to uncover your unique triggers and equip you with effective management strategies.

Don't let relapse define you


Strategizing for Long-term Sobriety

Throughout the recovery journey, celebrating every milestone, no matter how small, serves as a motivator propelling you towards larger goals. Equally critical to recognizing these victories is future-oriented planning. At Canyon Crossing, we empower you with the knowledge, strategies, and ongoing support needed to circumnavigate triggers and temptations threatening your sobriety.
Before concluding our program each woman receives a customized relapse prevention plan. This plan takes into account your unique substance abuse history, social situation, past traumatic experiences, and personal addiction triggers. Our primary mission is to equip you with the necessary tools to maintain your sobriety, enabling you to lead a life of integrity and grace while journeying towards physical, emotional, and spiritual restoration.

Extended Program Duration for Enhanced Outcomes

One of the reasons our clients experience good outcomes is the duration of our program. By offering a longer therapeutic process, our clients have the opportunity to practice life in a supportive and therapeutic environment. This extended period allows for the principles of recovery to be deeply ingrained, significantly reducing the likelihood of relapse and paving the way for sustained recovery.

Hope for Lifelong Recovery

Recovery may seem daunting or even impossible, especially for women who have been battling addiction for prolonged periods. However, Canyon Crossing Recovery offers hope. Our programs offer a comprehensive relapse prevention plan designed to usher you towards a brighter future. With a holistic approach addressing mind, body, and spirit, our Arizona state-licensed clinicians offer an accountability structure proven to enhance your chances of achieving lasting sobriety. To learn more about our program reach out to our dedicated women’s only addiction recovery team at 800-651-7254 or via our confidential online form.

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