Education And Training

Our educational workshops are an impactful part of our comprehensive recovery approach. These sessions empower women with knowledge and practical skills, providing invaluable tools to navigate life.

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Boundaries and Relationships

This workshop is vital for women who have rarely experienced healthy interpersonal dynamics. They gain tools to set effective boundaries, improve communication, and seek and nurture mutually supportive relationships, enhancing their recovery journey and their everyday lives.

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Changing Behaviors

This essential workshop allows women to dive into the origins of maladaptive behaviors, understanding their triggers, and developing healthier, more adaptive responses. These new coping mechanisms bring renewed confidence as women they see they're able to change.

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By focusing on assertive communication, active listening, and emotional intelligence, we empower women to express their needs and feelings effectively and constructively. These skills lead to personal growth, promote healthier relationships, and are pivotal for long-term recovery.

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Life Skills

Our life skills program emphasizes the acquisition of practical abilities that enable women to confidently navigate their everyday lives in recovery. From managing finances and learning study skills to practicing personal responsibility and maintaining physical health, this program equips women with the tools they need for self-reliance and success in their everyday lives.

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