Communication Skills

Addicted individuals commonly struggle with feelings of anxiety, anger, frustration, loneliness, grief, and depression. These emotions could be the reason they began drinking or using drugs in the first place, or they may arise as a result of chemical dependency. In many cases, this overwhelming negativity seeps into personal interactions, rendering women unable to connect and express themselves in healthy ways.

No matter what type of emotional and communicative barriers you face, Canyon Crossing Recovery’s intensive outpatient therapy and supportive transitional living programs help you uncover the root of your issues, manage negative emotions, and achieve the peace and well-being you’ve been longing for. Dealing with complex and prolonged psychological and emotional issues gives women the ability to build bridges rather than barriers in their personal relationships.



Developing Skills for Communication

At Canyon Crossing, we help clients build communication skills through a variety of program features:

Developing Skills for Communication

At Canyon Crossing Recovery, we are teaching women to hold their heads high, live life on their terms, and walk the path of integrity and grace. Much of addiction recovery has to do with restoring relationships and modifying negative communication styles. Our credentialed addiction specialists help women deal with their emotions so that past trauma and addiction-related baggage don’t influence future communication skills. To inquire about admission to our structured Arizona rehab program, call 800-651-7254 or submit your request using this private online form.

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