At Canyon Crossing Recovery, the canyons, mountains, and red rocks of Arizona provide a beautiful backdrop for our women’s only adventure therapy experiences. There is something about tackling the challenge of a ropes course, hike, backpacking trip, or outdoor experience that you can’t gain from more traditional therapy settings. Adventure therapy offers opportunities for women to work cooperatively, spend time in solitude, and get away from the addiction triggers that drag them down.



Benefits of Adventure & Wilderness Therapy

Canyon Crossing adventure therapy opportunities are supervised by our team of addiction specialists, and women benefit by:

Adventure Therapy for Women at Canyon Crossing

Canyon Crossing’s adventure therapy programming is beneficial for those recovering from drug addiction, alcohol addiction, prescription drug addiction, opiate addiction, mental health disorders, post-traumatic stress disorder, and other conditions. Many participants discover new interests when they spend time in nature—and these healthy pastimes provide a constructive way to manage the pain, addiction triggers, and emotional trauma that must be dealt with during recovery.

To learn more about our Arizona adventure therapy for drug and alcohol addiction, call 800-651-7254 or submit a private online form. A member of our credentialed team will be in touch promptly!

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