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Canyon Crossing Recovery is a haven for women struggling with addiction, mental illness, and trauma. No matter what obstacles they face, we can provide the support and encouragement needed to recover. Our proven approach equips women to walk with integrity and grace for the rest of their days.

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No one begins drinking or using drugs with the hope of becoming addicted. Often, chemical dependence sets in before someone can realize what’s happening. Research shows that women are at particular risk for substance use disorder.

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Mental Health

Mental illness can happen to anyone, no matter how their life seems from the outside. Women are more likely to deal with depression, anxiety, bi-polar disorder and other mental health conditions than their male counterparts. We offer a standalone program and a dual diagnosis program for those substance use disorder.

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Dual Diagnosis

Substance abuse can trigger or worsen a mental health condition. Similarly, a condition like depression or anxiety can trigger drug abuse. To successfully overcome both issues, a customized approach is needed to treat both at once.

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Trauma &PTSD

Women are at risk for PTSD resulting from domestic violence, sexual abuse, military sexual trauma, childhood neglect, a car accident, or a prolonged illness. These occurrences may leave emotional scars long after physical injuries have healed. If left unaddressed, trauma can exacerbate existing mental health concerns and catalyze substance abuse.

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For some of us, anxiety, depression, substance use, and the stresses of daily life can be overwhelming. Many people deal with this inner struggle by turning to self-harm as an outlet for painful emotions. We all need healthy ways to deal with life’s challenges. At Canyon Crossing, we want to help you find a healthy alternative to self-harm.

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