Ropes Course


Any woman who has held a job or met the challenges of motherhood can relate to the term “learning the ropes.” No school teaches the intricacies of office politics or the mysteries of why babies cry; this knowledge comes with experience. For women tackling Canyon Crossing’s modern ropes course as part of their addiction recovery, “learning the ropes” takes on a new and very literal meaning. Maneuvering over physical obstacles helps clients identify their strengths, face their fears, and recognize the value of teamwork. The knowledge they gain is then carried over into active recovery and beyond.

Revealing a Woman’s Inner Strength

Ropes courses are often part of an outdoor wilderness adventure. Featuring physical obstacles that must be tackled individually or as part of a group, these courses are designed to help women identify their strengths and overcome the fears and habits that fostered chemical dependency.
Scrambling over logs, through rope webs, and across swinging bridges demands both physical and mental fortitude. Each exercise requires risk-taking, decision-making, and open communication: tasks that cover new ground for women in recovery. Emotional barriers are broken down, and participants often find unexpected qualities of leadership and resourcefulness in themselves. Once these qualities are recognized, they can be cultivated during therapy to form the foundation for self-respect and renewed joy in living.



Becoming More Than Yourself Through Experiential Addiction Recovery

Integrated into ropes courses are team-based exercises designed to forge cooperative relationships between team members. Complex challenges, some requiring the women to lift and carry one another, force clients to rely on their team. Each woman contributes her newfound strengths to the team’s efforts while accepting the input of others and realizing that success requires community engagement. Each member learns to accept, trust, and participate in the shared resilience and wisdom of the team. Later, this knowledge is transferred to the recovery process, where it becomes a necessary life skill for developing healthy relationships.

Begin AZ Experiential Addiction Recovery for Women

After completing Canyon Crossing’s ropes course experience, participants can face the day-to-day challenges of their recovery with renewed confidence in themselves and trust in their support teams. To learn more about our experiential training opportunities or speak with a member of our caring, compassionate team, call 800-651-7254 or submit a secure online inquiry here.

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