OUR Programs

Our diverse range of programs are tailored specifically for women and aim to promote personal development, trauma healing, and a dependable framework for sustained sobriety from drugs and alcohol.

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residential program

Our residential program integrates evidence-based therapies and cultivates life skills and relapse prevention, guiding women towards a comprehensive plan for long-lasting sobriety.

therapy session

non-residential program

Our outpatient programs offer women a flexible, stepped down level of care while they establish a strong foundation in sobriety while addressing day-to-day challenges.

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long-term program

With our long-term treatment options, women have the chance to delve deep into the root causes of their addiction, form healthier habits, and acquire vital life skills that help keep them sober.

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family program

Our family programming facilitates a collective healing journey, providing the client and her family members with the tools necessary to bolster sustained recovery.

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