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Elevating Standards in Women's Addiction Recovery

The Joint CommissionSelecting the path to recovery is a transformative decision that deserves an equally committed and trusted partner to illuminate the way. At Canyon Crossing Recovery, we extend our hand as that trusted partner. Our credentials include licensing from the State of Arizona and full accreditation and licensure for our addiction counselors and therapists. Further validating our commitment to exceptional care, we proudly bear the Gold Seal of Approval from the Joint Commission, a nationally recognized accrediting body esteemed for its stringent standards in healthcare, behavioral health, and addiction treatment.



Benefits of Joint CommissionApproval

Joint Commission Accreditation serves as a beacon for high-quality, safe care, treatment, and services. As an accredited facility, Canyon Crossing Recovery signifies a sanctuary of excellence, adhering to rigorous and internationally recognized standards. The accreditation process critically examines an array of parameters, including:
By surpassing the benchmarks set by the Joint Commission, Canyon Crossing Recovery echoes its unwavering commitment to offering clients a secure and exceptionally effective addiction treatment and recovery experience.

Accredited Addiction Recovery for Women

Understanding the unique requirements of women on their recovery journey is a fundamental cornerstone of our approach at Canyon Crossing Recovery. We acknowledge that women recovering from years of substance abuse need specialized, gender-specific treatment and enduring support structures. Nestled within the serenity of Prescott, AZ, our treatment facility provides such an environment.

Our Joint Commission Gold Seal-endorsed addiction treatment programs are meticulously tailored to strengthen women, furnishing them with the lifelong tools required for sustained sobriety. By choosing Canyon Crossing Recovery, women are opting for a facility that is not just accredited, but deeply understands and addresses their specific needs, boosting their chances of achieving lasting recovery.

To learn more about the elevated care provided by our accredited addiction recovery center, please contact us at 800-651-7254. We’re here to support your journey to a substance-free life of empowerment and wellness.

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