Nature and Adventure

Positioned against the stunning landscapes of Arizona, Canyon Crossing Recovery harnesses the power of nature and adventure, making it a unique and impactful differentiator in our approach to addiction recovery. Our geographic advantage allows us to incorporate equine, adventure, and experiential therapies into our holistic treatment programs, transforming the recovery journey into a process of exploration, self-discovery, and empowerment.

petting a horse

Equine Program

Equine therapy plays an integral role in the recovery journey of our women clients. This innovative therapeutic approach fosters self-discovery, emotional growth, and improved communication skills, as participants build relationships with horses under professional guidance.

3 women hugging

Experiential Therapy

We harness the transformative power of experiential therapy by engaging in direct, active, and engaging activities, our clients can explore complex emotions, past traumas, and ingrained patterns of behavior in new and illuminating ways.

woman with backpack sitting on mountainside looking at view

Adventure Therapy

Our natural landscape offers women the chance to step outside their comfort zones, conquer physical and emotional challenges, and build confidence. The lessons learned through immersive experiences facilitate personal growth, strengthen sobriety and foster connection with the natural world.

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Ropes Course

Any woman who has held a job or met the challenges of motherhood can relate to the term “learning the ropes.” No school teaches the intricacies of office politics or the mysteries of why babies cry; this knowledge comes with experience. For women tackling Canyon Crossing’s modern ropes course as part of their addiction recovery, “learning the ropes” takes on a new and very literal meaning.

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