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12 Step Recovery

Drug Rehab ArizonaAt Canyon Crossing Recovery we believe 12 Step recovery is crucial to the long-term success of our clients. The Prescott area is home to over 200 12-step meetings a week. Attending these meetings helps our women strengthen their recovery while establishing healthy friendships within the recovery community. These relationships are crucial both in early recovery and long-term recovery. Being part of the 12 Step fellowship in early recovery allows women to have a strong support base for living life sober and incorporating recovery principals into their new lifestyles.

12 Step meetings also provide the foundation for long-term recovery, as they offer women a place to share their experiences and learn tools to stay on the right path. By sharing what life was like when using and what it is like now, they strengthen their resolve to not return to their past behaviors.

By listening to the experiences of strength and hope of others, and sharing their own, they get stronger with each meeting. Often, women arrive at meetings to hear the message that they need to hear on that particular day according to what they are going through. Over time their faith in their recovery and the fellowship grows. They begin to value this life over their old way of living, until it becomes their natural way of living, and they reap the joy of the fellowship and life in general.

12 Step meetings provide a sense of fellowship that is crucial to the continued recovery of those who suffer from addiction. They serve as a reminder that recovery is possible, and that no one is ever in it alone.