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EMDR For Trauma

Treating Women’s Trauma with Eye Movement Therapy

EMDRCanyon Crossing’s women-only recovery facility relies on proven methodologies like 12-step-based therapy, adventure programs, life skills training, substance misuse education and equine therapy to teach clients healthy patterns for thriving sobriety. As a complement to our holistic approach, our Arizona facility partners with an experienced practitioner to provide guests with eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR) therapy.

What Is EMDR?

EMDR is backed by scientific research and has been found effective in the treatment of PTSD, panic attacks, grief management, painful memories and phobias, physical and sexual abuse, body dysmorphia, and chemical dependency. An essential facet of Canyon Crossing’s dual-diagnosis program, EMDR impacts the way the brain processes information using the client’s rhythmic eye movements.

Once you are ready for EMDR, our clinician will target particularly distressing memories that have overwhelmed the brain’s ability to cope. The goal of EMDR is to trigger the brain to readapt its response to a negative stimulus using a series of bilateral eye and hand movements, sounds and tactile stimuli that target both the left and right hemispheres. In other words, EMDR helps train the brain to replace negative thoughts with positive ones, rather than allowing it to become “stuck” on a traumatic emotion.

Benefits of Women’s Trauma Treatment

Trauma and PTSD are common in chemically dependent women, and research indicates that EMDR helps resolve trauma-related symptoms faster than traditional psychotherapy methods. EMDR specialists use light bars, audio and hand vibration to reinforce therapy outcomes. When this form of women’s trauma treatment is used alongside Canyon Crossing’s evidence-based psychotherapy program, its advantages include:

  • Healing from traumatic pain
  • Reduced occurrence of nightmares & flashbacks
  • Restoration of a positive outlook
  • Reduction in depression & anxiety
  • Lower risk of relapse
  • Improved sleep
  • Quick results & long-term effectiveness

EMDR for Treating Trauma & Addiction

At Canyon Crossing’s women-only facility for treatment of chemical dependency and co-occurring disorders, we provide cutting-edge therapies tailored to your needs. If traumatic events are part of your past, it could complicate your drug and alcohol recovery. Allow our credentialed team to recommend alternative therapies that get to the root of your addiction, PTSD or mood disorder. To learn more about the origins and advantages of eye movement desensitization and reprocessing therapy, call 800.651.7254 now.