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Relapse Prevention

After the rocky road of early recovery, there is still much work to be done. Studies indicate that the greatest chance for relapse occurs during the first 90 days of rehab, but temptation is always a possibility—and sobriety is a full-time job. To help clients achieve sustainable recovery, our addiction specialists prepare you for the future with relapse prevention techniques and customized aftercare plans.

Relapse Prevention Education

Triggers vary between addicted individuals, and some seem obvious (stress, bars, happy hours, or friends who habitually use drugs). Unfortunately, when women dig into the root of their addiction, they discover less obvious emotional triggers like loneliness, depression, anger, or fatigue. Some clients struggle with dual diagnoses, and their mental health condition triggers the compulsion to drink or engage in drug use. Relapse vulnerability is complex and varying, so your Canyon Crossing addiction recovery team will dig deep during private and group therapy sessions to uncover your triggers and help you develop solid management techniques.

Planning Ahead for Sobriety Success

Throughout the recovery process, it is essential to celebrate small victories. These celebrations keep you moving forward: looking toward the major goals you will achieve over time. Just as important as acknowledging these incremental successes is planning ahead for long-term success. At Canyon Crossing, we provide the strategies, education, sober living opportunities, and ongoing support you need to avoid the triggers and temptation waiting to derail your sobriety.

Before you are discharged from our transitional living and intensive outpatient program, you will have a drug or alcohol relapse prevention plan tailored to your substance abuse history, family and social situation, past traumatic experiences, and personal addiction triggers. It is our job to arm you with the tools you need to stand strong in your sobriety: prepared to live life with integrity and grace while walking the path to physical, emotional, and spiritual restoration.

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For women who have battled addiction for months, years, or decades, recovery is scary and may even seem hopeless. At Canyon Crossing Recovery, our transitional sober living and intensive outpatient programs provide relapse prevention planning that gives you a new vision of your bright future. Taking a holistic approach to mind, body, and spirit care, our Arizona state-licensed clinicians provide accountability that is proven to increase a client’s chances of sobriety success. To enroll in our program, learn about financing, or speak with a member of our women’s only addiction recovery team, call 800.651.7254 or use our confidential online form to reach our staff.

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