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Holistic Care

Holistic Therapy

To supplement our 12-step women’s only addiction recovery and transitional living program, we offer holistic therapies that target the entire person: mind, body, spirit, and social. During early and active recovery, it is common for clients to become focused on one or two of these areas to the neglect of others. Our Arizona state-licensed addiction specialists and holistic care team help clients unearth the deep emotional, spiritual, and mental issues that must be dealt with to achieve sustained sobriety.

Holistic therapies are also proven to treat physical symptoms of addiction withdrawal; soothe depression and anxiety; provide stress relief; deliver restorative sleep; and help your body recover from the chemical warfare it was engaged in during addiction.

Types of Holistic Therapies

Recommended holistic therapy options may include fitness, yoga and mind-body classes, outdoor recreation, wilderness therapy, equine therapy, ropes courses, and more. Just because you have never tried something before doesn’t mean you should let that stop you! Pushing yourself to achieve something new and enjoying the accomplishment that comes with a challenge is a cathartic part of the therapy experience.

Benefits of Canyon Crossing Recovery Life Skills Training

Canyon Crossing Recovery tailors every portion of your rehab experience to your personal needs and addiction history. Incorporating mind-body-spirit therapies that help you weather withdrawal and restore physical and psychological balance, our holistic addiction treatment options are also a beneficial part of any aftercare program. You may find that massage, acupuncture, or outdoor therapies are a helpful way to manage future cravings and prevent relapse later in your recovery walk. To learn more about complementary therapies or begin the admissions process at our women’s only addiction recovery center, call 800.651.7254 today!

Holistic Therapy