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Family Program

Addiction affects not only the individual, but also the entire family unit. Many times the addiction of the individual has had a substantial negative impact on the health of the family. The majority of the time trust between the addict and other members of the family is gone, and the family members are left hurt and confused. This is where family addiction counseling becomes essential.

The family will need to recover along with the individual in our care at our Prescott, Arizona rehab center. Members of the family will have their own stresses and feelings related to addiction that will need to be addressed. Family members will learn skills that will help them, as individuals and a family unit, create a healthy atmosphere for their loved one.

Educating the family, in addition to the addict, helps everyone involved understand the addiction process. This is of monumental importance in recovery, as a support system is vital to staying sober. Families will learn about the disease of addiction, enabling, and how to support the addict in their recovery in healthy ways.

A great deal of change will need to occur for the client to have a lasting recovery. In most cases, nearly everything about the client’s life will need to be altered in some way. Family is likely a huge part of the individual’s life, and a great deal of change in the family dynamic will need to take place. Our Family Program will educate you on what steps will need to be taken, and what this change will look like.

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