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Experiential Therapy

Experiential Therapy

At Canyon Crossing Recovery, we believe that well-rounded drug and alcohol abuse recovery programs should treat the whole person: mind, body, and spirit. As part of our 12-step transitional living and intensive outpatient programs, we offer experiential therapy that includes horsemanship, ropes courses, wilderness adventures, hiking, and more.

Talk therapy is essential to addiction recovery, but experiential therapy gives women the chance to push themselves beyond their limits to achieve goals, work cooperatively, and address unhealthy emotions that surface during real-life challenges. As clients focus on the task at hand rather than the fact that they are in therapy, they let their guard down. During these moments of vulnerability, women make major emotional breakthroughs and learn vital coping skills that they can take back to their families, workplaces, and social settings.

Benefits of Experiential Therapy for Women

Horsemanship & equine therapy. As women care for and exercise the horses, they learn the discipline of routine. They also learn to respect the animals’ boundaries and establish healthy personal boundaries.

Wilderness therapy. Backpacking, hiking, and camping give women the chance to enjoy Arizona’s natural beauty while challenging themselves physically, psychologically and emotionally. Nature is a healing force, and clients who have never had a nature experience benefit as much as those who are outdoor enthusiasts.

Ropes courses. During ropes courses of all levels, women are challenged to tackle physical obstacles, engage in teamwork, and overcome their fear of heights and the unknown. Ropes courses break down emotional barriers and reveal qualities of strength and resourcefulness that clients can draw upon throughout every phase of addiction recovery.

Become More than Yourself During Experiential Therapy

If you or a loved one is trapped in the grip of alcoholism or drug addiction, Canyon Crossing Recovery wants to restore you to a place of peace, self-control, and productivity. Experiential therapies are proven effective for overcoming withdrawal symptoms, revealing deeply rooted causes of addiction, and learning life skills and communication skills that help women obtain sustained sobriety. To begin your journey of healing or request insurance benefits verification, call our compassionate team members at 800.651.7254 or fill out our confidential online form today.

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