Green Flags to Look for in Relationships

relationship green flags

Many people are familiar with the concept of red flags in dating – early warning signs of a lopsided, toxic or otherwise unhealthy relationship dynamic. Green flags get less attention, but are equally important to look for because they generally indicate a person will likely approach the relationship with a respectful, mature and supportive attitude.

When you know how to recognize healthy relationship qualities from the get-go, you can start gravitating toward people who will naturally bring out the best in you. Here are some relationship green flags, or signs of someone who will likely be a stable partner.

1. Active Listening Skills

Pay attention to how your potential partner treats you during conversations. An active listener has the following skills:

  • Being fully present in the conversation
  • Showing interest by asking thoughtful questions
  • Paraphrasing what you have said to ensure they understand
  • Listening without judging, interrupting or giving advice

If your date puts in the effort to hear and understand you, it can foster a deeper level of emotional intimacy. Someone who shows a willingness to listen is also likely to handle it better when an inevitable conflict or disagreement arises.

2. Empathy

A good partner can recognize your emotions and reflect them back to you, which signifies a compassionate person. Unspoken communications are essential for long-term relationship stability, and someone who understands you will instinctively provide extra love and validation when you need it.

3. Respect for Your Boundaries

Another relationship green flag is when a relationship moves at a pace that feels comfortable for both people. It’s healthy when a new partner is willing to respect the boundaries you’ve set and let you take your time, even if they would prefer to go faster. Watch out for a red flag called love bombing, which is any attempt to influence or pressure you to escalate the relationship’s intensity before you’re ready.

4. Kindness

Any potential partner should genuinely care about your well-being and put in the effort to treat you kindly. Here, it’s less about grand romantic gestures than it is about everyday courtesies. They are also considerate to everyone else in their lives, including their family members, work colleagues and even total strangers. No one is perfect 100% of the time, but in general, you want to be with someone who consistently tries to be polite and respectful toward other people.

5. Emotional Stability

When evaluating a potential romantic partner, consider their overall outlook on life. Is their attitude generally consistent, or do you feel like you’re dealing with a different person from one day to the next? Volatility and unpredictability are the opposite of relationship green flags because they can make you feel unsafe or threatened. If you feel like you are always working to impress them or walking on eggshells to avoid upsetting them, it will be much harder to build a stable foundation of trust.

6. Independence

While the idea of spending every waking moment with your partner can sound appealing in the glow of a brand-new relationship, it’s much healthier to give each other plenty of time and space to pursue your unique interests, hobbies and friendships. That makes you and your partner less likely to become over-reliant on each other for happiness and fulfillment.

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