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What Is Adventure Therapy?

Monday, September 10, 2018

outdoor therapy

As you might guess from the name, adventure therapy is a form of experiential psychotherapy that encourages participants to explore new horizons through activities such as hiking, camping, rock climbing and more. Adventure therapy allows participants to take calculated risks and make new discoveries in a safe, supportive environment under the guidance and support of mental health professionals.

Though the phrase “adventure therapy” may lead you to think it’s all about having fun, adventure therapy uses new experiences to help people in recovery deal with the underlying challenges and emotional issues that led to their addictions and other behavioral problems. It also helps participants develop important new skills that can benefit them throughout their lives, such as teamwork, cooperation and communication.

Healthy Recovery in an Outdoor Setting 

Merely being surrounded by nature has many therapeutic benefits, including stress relief, renewed mental focus and improved clarity. At Canyon Crossing Recovery, the breathtaking natural beauty of the rugged Arizona landscape provides an ideal setting for our women’s-only adventure therapy experiences. Unlike traditional talk therapy, adventure therapy doesn’t require you to spend time sitting and discussing your feelings with a therapist. Programs that allow participants to get active in nature provide individuals with ample opportunity to reconnect to their inner voice, which opens new pathways to healing that talk therapy might not provide. Since adventure therapy usually takes place in a group format, it also provides opportunities to create shared experiences with other participants, developing better social skills and improving self-awareness. Team activities allow participants to learn from one another.

Benefits of Adventure Therapy 

Adventure therapy has many excellent benefits for participants, including:

 • Greater trust and self-confidence
 • Sense of personal empowerment and accomplishment
 • Improved teamwork, leadership skills and self-esteem
 • Better problem-solving skills
 • Learning valuable lessons via self-reflection • Cooperating with others to achieve a shared goal
 • Healthier habits
 • More optimistic, positive outlook on life
 • Heightened awareness of personal strengths and weaknesses

Find Healing at Canyon Crossing 

At Canyon Crossing, we have structured our women-only adventure therapy programs to help clients recover from substance dependency and co-occurring disorders. Many participants realize a more fulfilling and healthy recovery journey through adventure therapy in Arizona. To learn more, call 800.651.7254 or reach out to our professional team online.

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