Transitional Living / Intensive Outpatient Recovery

Mission Statement

Canyon Crossing Recovery absolutely insists on showing women how to walk with integrity and grace. Our program is structured to promote peer accountability, living life on life’s terms, and showing women there is a life out there other than drugs and alcohol...and they are worth it!


Why choose Canyon Crossing Recovery? What sets us apart from other transitional living programs and or sober living is:

  1. The accountability level we teach the women
  2. We set them up for success while learning how to be responsible and live life on life’s terms
  3. They are involved in Intensive Outpatient therapy so that their therapeutic needs are addressed appropriately.
  4. They are taught how to walk through and overcome barriers such as anxiety, fear, and the overwhelming reality that drugs and alcohol can no longer be a part of their life. Healthy coping mechanism are learned to help address these obstacles.
  5. Our unique services are a fraction of the cost of most typical transitional living facilities.
  6. They are encouraged to be uncomfortable, promoting learning and growth, resulting in increased self-esteem and empowerment.


Canyon Crossing Recovery is a gender specific structured transitional living facility coupled with an Intensive Outpatient program for women. Canyon Crossing Recovery believes that with a structured transitional living and Intensive Outpatient element that the women of Canyon Crossing Recovery will be able to gain long term sobriety by focusing on and addressing core issue’s. Canyon Crossing Recovery is a 12 step based program that encourages and teaches women to walk with Integrity and Grace.

Canyon Crossing Recovery was specifically designed to help women with chemical dependency, sex and love addictions, and to help guide them in changing their behaviors. Canyon Crossing is one of a kind and we focus on teaching women how to respect themselves. They will learn how to become excited about life again or maybe even for the first time in their life.

At Canyon Crossing Recovery we provide the women here with a guide for living. While here they will be able to obtain the independence and self respect they have always longed for. Canyon Crossing Recovery is where women will learn to have trusting relationships, gain positive support, live life on life’s terms, learn about peer accountability, and be a part of their community. At Canyon Crossing we teach the women to be self-supporting and to take pride in the life they are building. The women will learn to take responsibility for their lives.