Safe, Sober Thanksgiving Celebrations During COVID-19


Thanksgiving is an occasion many people look forward to all year, but if you don’t drink, it can also be one of the most challenging days – especially in 2020, which has been such a chaotic time. How can you navigate this Thanksgiving and emerge with your sobriety intact? It takes some extra planning, but you can do it.    

1. Organize a Virtual Get-Together

With COVID-19 cases spiking nationwide, the CDC has released recommendations advising people to avoid traveling to visit with family and friends. Staying home for Thanksgiving is an ideal way to stay sober because you’ll be in a familiar, comfortable environment that you can control. You won’t have to worry about the stress of traveling or the trigger of being around family members who are drinking. Instead, everyone can get together online and help slow the transmission of contagion in their communities. 

2. Practice Self-Care

As joyous as the holidays can be, they are also enormously taxing at times. Fatigue and anxiety might make it trickier for you to resist the temptation to drink or use drugs. To combat this, you’ll want to head into the holiday weekend feeling well-rested and relaxed. Get plenty of sleep, exercise regularly and use meditation to help you stay centered and focused on the present. 

3. Start New Traditions

If your Thanksgiving celebrations have typically centered on overindulgence, break the mold and start fresh. Devote your day to service by volunteering and serving those who are less fortunate than you. If you’re spending Thanksgiving with people in your immediate household, begin your day by going on a walk together and looking at fall foliage. After dinner, have some board games you can play as a family, or spend time reflecting on things you’re grateful for. 

4. Rely on Your Support Network

If you’re worried about holiday stress making you more vulnerable to a relapse, ask your sober sponsor or therapist if you can contact them on Thanksgiving. If you regularly attend recovery group meetings, go to a gathering before or after the holiday meal to reinforce your commitment to your sobriety. 

5. Avoid Large Crowds

Millions of Americans get as excited about Black Friday shopping as they do about Thanksgiving dinner. However, like many other aspects of life, Black Friday should look different this year due to the pandemic. You can stay safe, socially distanced and still get your holiday gift shopping done from the comfort of home, as many major retailers are already offering early sales and discounts.

Accredited Women’s-Only Addiction Treatment

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Benefits of Residential AddictionTreatment

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