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Changing Behaviors

Those who suffer from the disease of addiction have an inability to consistently abstain from using addictive substances. Usually by the time a woman enters our Arizona drug and alcohol rehab, addiction has taken a negative toll on nearly every aspect of her life. In many women’s previous lives, their addiction grew stronger and began to unravel everything they were involved with. Their behaviors, relationships and health rapidly deteriorated as their addiction matured.

Changing Behaviors

Canyon Crossing Recovery focuses on treating our clients to enable them to gain control over their addictions and their behaviors. After all, getting sober is not the only step that needs to be taken to ensure a healthy recovery.

Addiction leads many women to doing things they would never do sober. While in addiction, many women’s behaviors begin to take a turn for the worse. Lying, manipulating and stealing are typical behaviors that accompany addiction. Their moral compasses were pointed in the wrong direction. The many negative behaviors that were temporarily adopted in addiction that will need to be reversed.

The recovery process, if done correctly, will make the client a much different person than they were before. They will redirect their moral compass, and begin living and acting with integrity again. The script will be flipped, and when the addiction is treated the negative impacts it had on other aspects of a woman’s life will be treated as well. Addressing behaviors, and learning to correct them, concurrently with addressing the addiction is important in recovery. Recovery is not only about handling the addiction issue, but leaving the client with the tools necessary to live a full and happy life and the behaviors necessary to achieve this.