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Sober Ways to Celebrate Halloween

Saturday, October 20, 2018

For those who are in the earliest stages of recovery, the thought of Halloween may feel more like a trick than a treat. Though Halloween was once a just-for-kids holiday, today it has grown into one of the biggest drinking days of the year among adults. What are some healthy ways you can enjoy the holiday without falling back into your old unhealthy habits?


1. Host a Substance-Free Gathering

If you’re feeling the Halloween spirit, but need to celebrate without spirits, the easiest way to stay sober on this holiday is by becoming the “hostess with the mostest.” While you might think nobody will want to come to a party if you’re not serving cocktails, you might be surprised. Anyone who supports your recovery journey will be glad to come to your sober Halloween gathering, as will any friends with young kids or people you know who prioritize health and fitness.


2. Plan a Pumpkin-Palooza

Plan a day where you and your best friends go to the pumpkin patch or your local farmers’ market to choose the perfect pumpkins. Then, everyone can carve or paint them together. Make sure to have lots of tools and equipment on hand so people can make their pumpkin masterpieces a reality! Those who don’t want to carve or paint can still be part of the fun by roasting the pumpkin seeds into tasty treats everyone can enjoy.


3. Have a Fright Night

Invite some friends over, pop yourself a batch of popcorn and host a scary movie festival with classic Halloween favorites. As a bonus, this sober party idea is also easy to put together and doesn’t cost much!


4. Go All Out on Decorations

String some orange lights, make your front yard into a fake graveyard and get ready to transform your house into the spookiest one on the block. All the kids in your neighborhood will get a huge kick out of it, and so will your friends when you post your photos to social media!


5. Find Volunteer Opportunities

Reach out to some local nonprofits and ask if they need any volunteers to help at their Halloween parties. You can also volunteer to take less fortunate kids trick-or-treating. Volunteering is an excellent way to get involved in your community and help people who are in need. Not only will you stay sober, but you’ll go to bed feeling the glow of giving back.

With a little inspiration, you can find ways to enjoy Halloween without reverting to drug or alcohol use. And, if you’re ready to take the next step in your recovery journey, our helpful team is a simple phone call away. Start your admissions process with us today.

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