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Personal Thoughts, Stories & Reflections From People In Early Recovery: Part 9

Friday, August 24, 2018


Canyon has taught me that pain is not something to be afraid of; it is part of the human experience and often leads to the most growth. Canyon has showed me that out of darkness comes the brightest light. The following poem by Rupi Kaur describes all that Canyon has given me.

Stay strong through your pain
grow flowers from it
bloom beautifully
bloom softly
however you need
just bloom.

Client J

I have learned new things about myself everyday here. Being here makes me strive to be a better person. I really like the fact I am constantly working on myself and bettering myself. Every day I am confronted with a new obstacle and instead of using I push through the problem and come out a stronger woman.

Client K 


Sunrise to sunset
Listen to the earth
Listen to your heart
Paint the sky with your colors
Let your body be as still as the water,
And as full with life inside
Feel the quietness, breathe with the wind
You are one with the universe

Client M 

The universe took its time on you
Crafted you to offer the world
Something different from everyone else
When you doubt
How you were created
You doubt an energy greater than us both

-Rupi Kaur

While I’ve been here I’ve continued to work on a relationship with a higher power. I have a hard time with it because of my biases and inability to trust something I can’t always see. At this point I have a vague idea of what my higher power is and I think that’s ok- it doesn’t have to be perfect. I just have to trust that it’s there protecting me.

Client S

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