You can start your recovery with us today.


Finding Help for Addiction

The hardest part about going to treatment is admitting you have a problem. We know how tough this is because we’ve been there – that’s why we make the admissions process into our women’s rehab seamless. We are here to help you transition into our care when you are in the middle of this difficult time.

To start the admissions process, call us. We can help determine which of our programs is right for you or your loved one and then create a plan of action to start treatment. During our call, we can determine if detox is needed and determine insurance eligibility and other payment options.

Once we set an admission date, our staff is available to transport you or a loved one from the nearby Phoenix airport into our care.

Clients can expect a full clinical intake and orientation upon arrival. Trust that you and your loved one will start feeling better soon after admission. We look forward to your call and we are here to answer any questions you may have.

Who We Treat

Canyon Crossing Recovery specializes in the treatment of adult women over the age of 18. We provide comprehensive care for drug addiction, alcohol use disorder, and other substance abuse issues. We also understand that mental health issues frequently co-occur with addiction; for this reason, we offer dual diagnosis care which includes the treatment of mental illness and trauma-related disorders.

Our admissions process is fully holistic; as we get to know you, we will gather information about your medical history, existing diagnoses, prior experiences with treatment, and individual concerns.

Women looking to enroll at Canyon Crossing Recovery will speak with our staff to determine whether our programming can meet their needs prior to admission. Those in need of acute inpatient hospitalization or detoxification, for example, should seek these levels of care before joining our program.

We are not equipped to provide services for clients who:

  • Have severe eating disorders requiring a specialized care setting,
  • Require acute hospitalization for severe psychiatric disorders,
  • Are registered sex offenders or have been diagnosed with severe sexual disorders,
  • Display chronic aggressive behavior incompatible with group counseling,
  • Are limited, physically or financially, in their ability to participate in programming.

For more information about how Canyon Crossing can help you or your loved one to recover, please contact us today. Our compassionate staff members are standing by to answer all of your questions.