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About Us

Sober living in Prescott, AZ

Canyon Crossing Recovery believes in promoting a safe and healthy lifestyle for our clients, while teaching them to live a life of freedom and happiness. One of our main objectives is to teach women the necessary tools to walk through their pain and suffering, and to educate them how to utilize these tools to gain long term sobriety and live a productive and fulfilling life. Our most powerful objective is to teach the women of Canyon Crossing Recovery how to hold their heads high, empower them to take back responsibility for their lives, and learn to love and respect themselves and others.

Canyon Crossing Recovery’s transitional sober living in Prescott is coupled with an Intensive Outpatient Program for multiple reasons. We believe that although our women have just completed inpatient treatment, their journey has just begun. Continued care at the transitional level is essential, and the combination of a structured living environment, coupled with continued therapeutic participation, has proven to provide the most desired outcome. While participating in the intensive outpatient program, women will be able to address all core issues such as sex and love addictions, trauma, and other co-occurring disorders. These intensive outpatient services are provided by Arizona state licensed clinicians who provide individualized treatment planning that addresses the specific needs of our women.